“It’s not either/or; it’s all or nothing”

Twitter: @gcouros “So many blogs in my RSS reader are dormant with people not writing anymore. Curious on what others think the reason could be?”

And the title from this is a quote (hopefully correct) from “Bill Nye Saves the World” that I am binge watching. Seems timely.

It’s that time of year (in the independent school world we have just about a month left) – so much to do in so little time. Still trying to find that balance, and I guess thinking about how to best do that, is what’s been behind and possibly driving my silence. What have I been doing? Having great conversations with kids about learning. Developing a couple of projects that will take them a little out of their comfort zone while getting them excited about the learning prospects. Seems to be working.  I have been challenging my Design Fellows with some new ideas that might help. And looking at some “me” time… PD related but my own brand of refreshing re-energizing.

Behind the scenes, I am still plugging away – been reading lots of the blogs. Going to try something new; I make no promises, but I’ve loaded the calendar with reminders – and even it’s short I want to try to capture my reflections and move them to “print” (they are actually on real, old-fashioned paper already) at least once a week.

(and I’ve been marching #ScienceMarchBoston, #peoplesclimatemarch #resist so that innovation can continue)