#IMMOOC – general reflections Part I

The journey so far has been invigorating and hectic. Still not quite caught up (and feeling the need to be a little linear about it, rather than jumping to ‘current’ work) but hopefully tomorrow’s blizzard will allot the time to get to the right place.

The “content” in Chapters 1-3 of the book has not been especially new to me since I’ve been reading and working on this for quite a while. Last year, one of our professional reading cohorts was an Innovation Reading Group – we read Juliani’s “Inquiry and Innovation in the Classroom” in part because I had just delved into Genius Hour with some moderate success and I thought the book was really good. Well, I still think the book is excellent, but “The Innovator’s Mindset” is the book we should have read! (It was only just out at the time we were picking the books, and I had only skimmed it, not read it closely enough to be more vocal about the recommendation!)

I want to scale and print every image, make a quote board for my classroom, and get every one of my colleagues on board. I think I have some good ideas already for those reluctant learners – in the coffee pool, as well as in the classroom.

The reading so far has validated all that I’ve been trying to incorporate in my teaching as well as in my interaction with colleagues. Maybe that’s part of what comes with already being a groupie when you sign on; but it’s a good feeling nonetheless.

One way I am sharing my reading with others, is simply making a bulleted list of my highlighted parts – no annotations, and I’m not up to sketchnotes yet myself – and sharing them with my cohort. Not sure how effective it will be, I can only hope it might stimulate further discussions.