#IMMOOC Week 3, B1 from prompt 3 #IMMOOCB1

Share some of your best ideas for building relationships and a culture of trust in your position?

  • Listening.
  • Having an open door.
  • Closing the book and having that ad hoc session in the classroom.
  • Bringing cookies to class.
  • Trying to be fair.
  • Attend a school game.
  • Pick up coffee.
  • Publicly thank and acknowledge others.
  • Celebrate a birthday.
  • Celebrate a cultural event.
  • Attend a performance.
  • Don’t assign busywork.

Anything that goes beyond the boundaries of “the job” and recognized the humanity of the student or colleague goes a long way to building the culture where everyone is vested for their own good and the good of all the  other stakeholders.

2 Replies to “#IMMOOC Week 3, B1 from prompt 3 #IMMOOCB1”

  1. The things you have listed have nothing to do with education and EVERYTHING to do with education. The more we understand that these things that you suggest are investments., the better we will all be 🙂

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. I love your list! It is showing that you value others as people that help make a classroom and a school into a community. I would also add that asking about and connecting on topics of similar interest such as a TV show, game, music, or activity can make a huge impact on creating a connection.

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