#IMMOOC Week 3, B2 from prompt 3 #IMMOOCB1

Which “what if” question challenges your thinking in the Innovator’s Mindset?

I don’t know if “challenge” my thinking is the way I look at this since I firmly believe these are how it should be; and I try to promote. But, I think the first one: What if we believed that everything that we has to make great schools was already within our organization, and we just needed to develop and share it?” is often the most difficult to promote. Because it’s about changing the fundamental culture within ourselves so that we can truly move forward with all the other what ifs.

My work with tinkering tenets (the first tenet is to start with what you have) is what pushed me over the edge with this in my own mind, and let me see that I didn’t “need” more, better, bigger;” sure, it’s be nice to have x, y, or z but we can do some pretty awesome stuff with what’s in our grasp right now.

My next challenge is helping other faculty buy into that concept – so that they can understand it’s about moving all of us learners forward via a mindset and not with physical things.