#IMMOOC Week 3, B2 from prompt 3 (part 2) #IMMOOCB1

What would you add to the list of what ifs?

  • What if there were no bells?
  • What if schools didn’t compartmentalize learning?

I split this for a couple of reasons… partly as a personal rant since I am very frustrated trying to find the time to get all this done. (and in my head it’s tied into the ‘what if’ that I want to add!)  I know it has been said that if it’s important you find the time… and I guess I am finding it; but at what cost? I do the reading, I read other’s blogs, I watch/participate in the videos and chats but I feel like it’s just keeping up, and not doing the quality job that I want!

I am a fan of High Tech High. I love the precepts in Wagner and Dintersmith’s Most Likely to Succeed. I’ve looked at the models implemented by other schools. How to make that work within the confines of a traditional prep school culture? There’s not going to be a sea shift change, so how to work the system in place so that we can do amazing things? It’s a process and a challenge that I’ve given myself – and while I’m not happy with only baby steps, I have to acknowledge that we are moving forward even if not at the pace I personally want to see!

Look at what Finland has proposed: no, not eliminating subjects, but blurring the lines. This is totally inline with how we ask questions – it’s why research groups in universities (and other places) have regular meetings including those who are not involved on a project; questioning with fresh eyes is soooooo important.

We often try to do this via interdisciplinary projects – important, but how much to we engender stress and frustration because of scheduling. Students are invested; willing; and engaged – but how to we better empower them, especially when it’s often so clear that they want that?

No answers; some ideas; and lots of rambling questions.