on becoming student-centered – for reflection #IMMOOC #ITA17

One of my professional and personal goals for the year has been to become a more reflective teacher – hoping that by improving my teaching I am creating a better learning experience for our students. I’ve been reading and writing a lot (I have not mastered consistent blogging yet… that’s a big struggle for me).

Have found some great learning communities  and blogs to follow. The nice thing about blogs is that they are usually quick reads and can provide great ideas and/or food for thought.

This one from ASCD in-service  spoke to me, as we strive be more student-centered at my school.  The author is targeting how we treat students of poverty (and having taught in that arena, I can state: “truth.”)  but I think any time you read students of poverty in this piece, you can zip it out, and zip in “the jocks”, those with learning disorders, the cliquers, the weak ones, the gifted ones, etc.

It’s a worthwhile read and reflect on in those upcoming lazy (we hope) days of summer.