Still catching up: Episode 1, prompt 2, Season 2 #IMMOOC

“Change is an opportunity to do something amazing.”  How are you embracing change to spur innovation in your own context?

Always learning. Always refreshing my teaching. I have explored Genius Hour in my high school chemistry classes. It was great, and needs some retooling. No worries.  I saw so many positive outcomes with my students. Simplest said: they are more willing learners. I’ve given assignments as “FedEx challenges” and had wonderful results from even my weakest kids. I ask for more student feedback. Sometimes I close the book as we discuss education and learning in the classroom with the students.

I have requested that somehow my administration gives me a way to help those colleagues that are tentatively exploring new ideas. (As we work to change our educational culture, we ar finding that some teachers need an “official’ nudge – even if they are already so inclined. Adults need the freedom to fail as much as the kids do.)

I admit it – I am often in the “ask forgiveness, not permission” category.  Living on the edge.

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