Still catching up: Episode 1, prompt 4, Season 2 #IMMOOC

Your choice from the book on the YouTube Live session: (p27:3) What has changed in our world today that not only makes innovation easier to do, but also necessary for our students?

Had to sleep on which one to pick; because I think I’ve addressed them without realizing it in the very first posts.

I think i’d have say the internet – now so pervasive that the Oxford Dictionary has demoted the “i” to lower case. Because of the internet, I can search intentionally for a new teaching idea, read blogs and books and websites of those I consider expert, or I can just stumble across something that sparks an idea on any number of social media sites.  I can find the resources I need almost in an instant.

For the students, as I noted in an earlier blog, we have a “democracy of information” that makes it critical that we move beyond read this, memorize this, get tested on this. Even the best written tests cannot fully address how students must use the information. By innovating our teaching, we can better present the necessary whatever in ways that engage the students and get them excited to learn more… and be able to apply their learning in more authentic scenarios.