Still catching up: Reflections on Intro, Season 2 #IMMOOC

“Once you stop learning, you start dying.” ~ Albert Einstein.

Ok then. I am done. That sums up why we need innovation in both our teaching and learning.

But that does not a blog post make, really.

Like most introductions, this one lays out the plan. It’s a good one, in that it gets you going and invites you to keep reading. If I pick just one thing as my take-away (maybe because it coincides with my personal objectives for participating in this MOOC), it is that developing an innovator’s mindset is necessary for moving forward and must be embraced by all… as Couros notes: all hands on deck.

I originally bought the book from a recommendation on AJ Juliani’s blog, as I was becoming more intentional about genius hour in my classroom. That happened because of a few quick words with the author of a textbook I use… I’ve used it for a long time now; still haven’t found a book I like better, but I needed to shake it up so that my teaching didn’t get stale. I’d skimmed it, and read parts – was very excited to read in the intro that culture and action were section themes. But I didn’t read it closely until the opportunity for the MOOC came up. The first session did not happen for me, because I chose to focus on implementing Genius Hour in my high school chemistry class.

Having seen the power of that, and the positive outcomes that the kids have unknowingly transferred to their “required” learning, made it imperative to follow through in this second session.

So, reviewing the intro again got the juices flowing…. even if I’m off to a slow start – and still catching up!