Week 2, Episode 2, prompt 1, Season 2 #IMMOOC

In Chapter 1, innovation is defined as a way of thinking that creates something new and better. What are some examples that you consider innovative?  How is it new and better than what previously existed?


  • holding (some) meetings virtually – in the case of professional organization chapter meetings; it enables me to participate even when my day might not easily allow a trip to the on-site venue.
  • Data collection in lab classes – provides more authentic experiences, and allows us to get enough data to focus on the critical thinking aspects rather than the mechanics and cook-book activities.
  • Coffee pods (whether refillable/recyclable or one time use [boo]) – coffee is always fresh and can be customized for the user. If the refillable: less waste.
  • digital books: a whole library at my fingertips; in the classroom – the option for lighter backpacks.

One thing I’ve noticed as I try to come up with examples: I see a down-side to each innovation I cite. I know that I have to consider the end-goal, and risk-benefit analysis along with my personal biases as to whether or not I see something as innovation.

(image from: http://immooc.org/2017/03/04/episode-2-and-blog-prompts/)