Week 2, Episode 2, prompt 3, Season 2 #IMMOOC

Discuss one of the “characteristics of the Innovator’s Mindset” below in a give an example of how you exemplify this in your work (teaching or leading).


I guess I will talk about “reflective.” In the days long before blogs, I always kept a journal about teaching and  learning. I know that when I was responding to a supervisor’s classroom observation once, they were surprised that I could so readily call upon a series of my own notes and reflections, and that I wanted a discussion. I can’t tell whether the idea of continual reflection came from my teacher training or my scientific training. Either way, it’s always been important to me.

I try to carry that to the classroom; it can be asking for feedback for a project, or simply to ask my students to think about a lab experiment as part of their analysis. In a comment to another teacher about the importance of “why”, I almost always will toss that back to kids whenever they give an answer! It develops critical thinking, it empowers deeper learning, and (in science at least) it makes the responder think about what evidence they have for their response.

Same for me – If I were drawing – or redrawing this graphic, I would put “refective” in the center since I think all the other characteristics connect through and to reflection.

While I have aimed to be a reflective teacher always, I have recently been working with some of the strategies from Marzano, et al “Becoming a Reflective Teacher” .  I know that my best work comes through reflection. As a department chair of many young teachers, I want my colleagues to learn the value of it, too. Some things in the book, I admit I look at and go ~ meh ~.  But it’s well chunked up, and I think it’s because after 20+ years in the classroom, they’ve been bundled in my mind. That said, there’s a benefit to un-bundling at times and reverting to a detailed step-by-step reflection.  Going through the book to refine my own practice of reflection has been a worthwhile exercise.

(image from: http://immooc.org/2017/03/04/episode-2-and-blog-prompts/)